A Couple Experience

Pamper yourself and experience this powerful therapy that connects you with the earth and awakens your ancestral spirit, temazcal….

The best way to heal to your body!!.

Book two days in advance and save up to 20% off per couple.

All in one great package

Relaxing Massage    50 min$369 USD
Temazcal Ritual 120 min    $302 USD
Regular Price $671 USD
Savings $119 USD
Special price $537 USD

Temazcal Ritual includes prehispanic food

Price per Couple

This experience can be a group experience and don't forget to bring your swimsuit. 

* If you want the private experience, the minimum number must be 3 people without exception

Promotion subject upon availability (reservations are required).

Promotions cannot be combined with any other promotions or coupon.

For more information Please contact :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


$ 805.50 3 hours
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