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Playa Grande Spa

A Sensory Cabo San Lucas Spa Journey Overlooking The Sea

Edging the Pacific Ocean and the white sands, Playa Grande Spa is a peaceful sanctuary designed for a sensory journey. Escape the stress of everyday with rejuvenating spa experiences, including massages, body treatments, facials, exotic rituals and salon services. Indulge body and soul with soothing massage treatments, hydrotherapy, a seawater pool, anti-aging facials, manicures, pedicures and local spa rituals like the Temazcal Ceremony. Restore the balance between body and mind with a spa journey that promotes deep relaxation and wellness. All you have to do is breathe deep and relax at our oceanfront spa in Cabo San Lucas.

Everything you see, smell, hear, taste and touch will soothe your senses. Our personalized therapies are rooted in authentic Mexican culture and use natural products, plant extracts and essential oils from around the world. Our healing treatments have been designed to ensure your complete physical, mental and spiritual relaxation.



  • Diamond Life Infusion

    The Art of Rejuvenation

    This revolutionary experience provides unprecedented rejuvenating action by regulating the four key skin-age biomarkers.

    The intensive, comprehensive treatment results in firmer, more luminous and visibly younger looking skin.

    Diamond Life Infusion redefines your facial contour, improves skin texture and reduces wrinkles and expression lines in just one session.

    It is an amazing "youth elixir" that unveils renewed skin that is soft, smooth and wonderfully rejuvenated.

    80 Min / $342 USD

    Intense Anti-Aging Facial

    Halt the passage of time

    Highly recommended for people who want to challenge the test of time and reduce visible signs of aging such as wrinkles or saggy, dry or lackluster skin.

    This high-powered repair treatment is made possible by elevated concentrations of regenerative active ingredients that reinforce the skin's structure in order to reverse the signs of aging.

    Enhanced by an amazing remodeling massage and a double mask, this protocol redefines the contour of your face with a surprising, immediate lifting effect.

    The amazing facial includes a triple exfoliation system and a seaweed plastic mask.

    Your skin will feel rejuvenated, firm and wrinkle-free.

    80 Min / $261 USD

    Vitamin C facial, anti-oxidant

    Recommended for anyone seeking to recapture skin's luminosity and firmness through a relaxing citrus aromatherapy experience.

    This exquisite protocol awakens your senses, infusing skin with all of the energy in Vitamin C. Its extraordinary anti-oxidant action repairs even the most mistreated skin, unveiling a completely hydrated, revitalized complexion that showcases your radiant face.

    Delicious citrus fragrances and rich textures make this treatment an unforgettable experience.

    80 Min / $249 USD

    The Detox Facial Cure deep cleansing

    An exceptional facial cure that deep-cleans and detoxifies the skin while relieving stress.

    This meticulous cleansing protocol is based on thermo active enzymatic detoxification. Heat is used to open and soften pores, and botanical freshness is applied to close and purify them.

    This treatment is a new concept that pampers your skin and provides an immediate state of well-being so that your skin can reach maximum purity.

    80 Min / $249 USD

    Diamond Whitening facial, depigmentation treatment

    Expert depigmentation treatment for spot-free skin.

    The effectiveness of this depigmentation method is based on three pillars: renewing, depigmenting and illuminating.The process delivers remarkably even tone and skin texture.

    The elevated concentrations of spot-correcting active ingredients work with great precision, right where your skin needs it, providing cumulative results and preventing the imbalances in pigmentation that age your skin.

    50 Min / $191 USD

    Skin Comfort, sensitive touch

    The ultimate answer to sensitive and reactive skin types that display conditions such as red spots, dilated capillaries or inflammation.

    This treatment combines ingredients that repair and decongestant, thanks to its ultra-softening botanical ingredients. Skin is visibly soothed, providing maximum relief and comfort.

    Discernibly improves the appearance of congested skin and strengthens your self-defense mechanisms against harmful aggressors and restores the balance of your skin.

    50 Min / $191 USD

    O2 Relax Facial, special for dehydrated skin

    A breath of fresh air for your skin

    Facial treatment for every type of skin, especially beneficial for anyone with dull or dehydrated skin.

    This protocol releases pure oxygen molecules into your skin. These molecules energize your cells and eliminates toxins accumulated in pores, achieving a state of total purity and relaxation for your skin.

    Restore your skin's tone and vitality with this amazing purifying treatment.

    50 Min / $191 USD

    Express Facial

    This customized facial is uniquely designed to give maximum results in minimum time.

    Formulated to refresh, renew and revitalize, recommended to all skin types to reveal more youthful, healthy and hydrated skin.

    30 Min / $110 USD

    Anti-aging Marine Collagen Facial

    This firming facial repairs the skin while enhancing elasticity. It helps to slow the signs of premature aging by reducing fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet.

    Your skin will have a more youthful appearance after just one treatment.

    50 Min / $180 USD